Bildung and Cultivation

Bildung and cultivation is the main theme for the 2017 Göteborg Book Fair. Among other things, the theme ties into the quincentennial of the Protestant Reformation. Subsequently, the Church of Sweden will play a greater role than usual at the Fair.

What does Bildung mean in 2017?
We live in a time of change. From many directions challenges are aimed at the core values of democracy – openness, tolerance, equality. Despite the fact that we are now more interconnected than ever as result of the rapid progress of digital transformation and globalisation, increasingly strong voices are heard stating the opposite: that we are shut into our own bubbles, that we lack common interests.

The theme of the 2017 Book Fair is inspired by literature’s ability to allow us to see other views of reality. Whether at schools, universities or libraries, literature helps spread knowledge of the world and enables us to interpret it critically. In the realm of culture it helps us channel the experience of being human. Simply put: Bildung is a tool for understanding and navigating in a complex and conflict-ridden world – and perhaps a tool for changing it as well?


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