Audio at the Gothenburg Book Fair 2023

A skilled storyteller with a captivating story has always been able to enchant their listeners – from the rhapsodes of Antiquity, bedtime stories of childhood and night-time ghost stories to the audiobooks and podcasts of the present day. Our Audio theme will bring together audiobook authors, podcasts and narrators and allow them to meet their audience.

We also want to start conversations around the audio format: on its role in the book and media industries, its function in sectors such as education, and naturally what the cross-connections between literature and audio may be like in the future.

Since its inception, the Gothenburg Book Fair has striven to create settings in which authors can meet their readers. This is also the principal purpose of our Audio theme. We hope to provide the encounter between storyteller and listener with a physical venue – a place where people can learn something new, be amused and challenged, and experience and embrace the narrative richness and knowledge that the audio format offers.