Warning: Companies falsely claiming to work with Göteborg Book Fair

It has been brought to our attention that exhibitors at the Göteborg Book Fair are being contacted by the company International Fairs Directory, giving the impression that they cooperate with us. This is not a catalogue the Göteborg Book Fair stands behind.

Many of our exhibitors at the Göteborg Book Fair are receiving invoices from companies such as Expo Guide, Event Fair and International Fairs Directory, with the offer to participate in various catalogues in exchange for a fee.

None of the exhibitions/trade fairs organized by the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre are behind these catalogues, and we wish to bring to the attention of all our exhibitors that these letters are misleading, as they tend to also use our various exhibition logotypes to give the impression that they cooperate with us. Please pay extra attention before paying any invoices.

The Göteborg Book Fair does NOT cooperate with the companies below:
• Expo Guide
• Fairs & Business
• Event Fair
• International Fairs Directory
• List Research Inc.

A company called Construct Data Verlag (CDV) used the same methods when offering exhibitors insertions in the Fair Guide catalogue. CDV was brought before the courts and found guilty of misleading marketing practices.

Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns, utstallning@bokmassan.se