FAQ for exhibitors

Frequently asked questions from our exhibitors – and the answers!

Where can I find important information about moving in, delivery dates, addresses and so on?
You can find a lot of important information under Exhibitor Information and Important dates.

Are there walls in between the stands?
Yes, the walls are 2.5 metres high, made of wood and painted white.

Are exhibitors allowed to paint the walls and/or use nails or similar in them?
Exhibitors must return the walls to their original condition. If they have been painted in a different colour they must be repainted white. Alternatively exhibitors can pay for Swedish Exhibition Centre staff to return the walls to their original condition. The same is true if exhibitors use nails or similar. All nails, screws, etc. must be removed and any holes must be repaired.

Are carpets and electrical sockets included?
No. You may order these via Exhibitor Service Online.

I have never exhibited before and I wonder if I can get help with designing and building my stand?
The After Sales department at The Swedish Exhibition Centre are available to answer your questions regarding stand design. Please contact Mattias Lagerstedt for further information.

Is there an exhibitors’ restaurant?
No separate exhibitors’ restaurant. However, you can order lunch coupons for our restaurants Estrad och Mix via Exhibitor Service Online, or purchase them at the Service Centre during the Book Fair.

How many exhibitors’ tickets are allocated per exhibitor?
The number of exhibitors’ tickets is based on how large the exhibitors’ stand is. For the smallest stand two exhibitors’ tickets are included. The tickets are good for entry to the exhibition during all four days. The exhibitor cards and entrance tickets included will be sent to you in August. If you need more tickets you may order these and you will be invoiced for them after the Book Fair. Please note that seminars are not included in the exhibitor cards or the entrance tickets. Seminar cards can be purchased to a special price at Exhibitor Service Online (under Marketing).

Are the exhibitors’ tickets valid for admission to the seminars?
No, they are only valid for admission to the exhibition. Admission to the seminars requires a seminar ticket. Exhibitors may buy 4-day seminar tickets at a reduced price. Order seminar tickets via Exhibitor Service Online (under Marketing).

I would like to arrange for a drinks reception at my stand – do I need permission for this?
You can apply for the permission via Exhibitor Service Online (under Your content).

We would like to offer refreshments on our stand. How can we arrange this?
The Swedish Exhibition Service offers stand catering through the Gothia Towers Restaurants. Contact them via email montercatering@svenskamassan.se or telephone +46 31 708 85 05.

Is there storage space we can rent?
There are two alternatives for exhibitors who need storage space. You can either build your own storage space in your stand or you can rent a storage space from the Book Fair. There are a limited number of extra storage spaces, and these will be allocated in August when it is clear what space is available. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that any storage space you rent from us will be near your stand. Ordering of extra storage space should be done via Exhibitor Service Online (under My stand).

How do I arrange a seminar?
As an exhibitor you have the opportunity to leave your suggestions for seminars to us. Please contact Anneli Jonasson if you have any questions, or find more information at Exhibitor Service Online.


Be aware of catalogue companies!

Certain companies make use of misleading methods. This category includes Construct Data Verlag (CDV), FairGuide and Event Fair, all of whom offer exhibitors representation in an online catalogue, often designed in such a way as to give the impression that a specific fair is behind it.

Companies who sign the form seldom realise that they are agreeing to pay an annual fee of €1,000 for three consecutive years, since this information is hidden away in the small print. Every year, some hundred companies are estimated to fall prey to these tactics in the Nordic countries alone, thousands more outside of Scandinavia.

Currently, a company by the name of Expo-Guide is sending out forms, posing as representatives of Göteborg Book Fair/Bok & Bibliotek.

Expo-Guide offers our clients participation in their Exhibitors Directory at an annual cost of €1,271, during three years. The design of the contract makes it easy to sign. The yearly cost is only evident in the small print.
Click here for an example.

None of the fairs arranged by Göteborg Book Fair or The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre are behind this catalogue and we would like to notify all exhibitors about the misleading nature of the letter.