The Gothenburg Book Fair welcomes visitors to a Covid-safe event in both physical and digital format.

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Exhibit 2021

As an exhibitor at the hybrid event in 2021, you will have the possbility to expose your brand to the Book Fair’s visitors with your own page, where you can present your organisation with information, film and deals. You can add any offer that you would usually have in your stand on a physical fair, such as selling books, courses or other products and services.



Subtitled programs from

Gothenburg Book Fair 2020

Welcome to Book Fair Play!

For the first time in 35 years the Göteborg Book Fair 2020 could not be arranged in physical form. Instead we welcomed all to Book Fair Play, a new online streaming service for book lovers.

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Information about Swedish literature

For even more talks and information about Swedish literature, we also recommend you to visit the Swedish Literature Exchange website, where they present three panel talks in English, as well as the latest issue of the publication New Swedish Books.