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– Themes for the 2023 Gothenburg Book Fair

The Gothenburg Book Fair 2023 will start in

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A new theme for the 2023 Gothenburg Book Fair: Audio

14 April / 2023

The 2023 Gothenburg Book Fair is adding a new theme to the two previously announced, Jewish Culture and The City. A skilled storyteller with a captivating story has always been able to enchant listeners. The Book Fair’s Audio theme will bring together audiobook authors, podcasters and narrators and allow them to meet their audience. Details of the theme are currently being drawn up. It will...

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First four international guests for the 2023 Book Fair presented

12 April / 2023

Cultural institution Jewish Culture in Sweden, this year’s Guest of Honour at the 2023 Gothenburg Book Fair, is proud to present its first four international guests who will feature at the event later this year: Hila Blum, Judy Batalion, Daniel Libeskind and Josh...

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Themes for the 2023 Book Fair presented

5 January / 2023

Crossing over into the new year means that we are now working hard to plan the 2023 Book Fair programme. We can already present the organization Jewish Culture in Sweden as the Guest of Honor, making Jewish Culture one of the main themes for the fair. The theme Jewish Culture includes Jewish histo...

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