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Gothenburg Book Fair 2020

Welcome to Book Fair Play!

For the first time in 35 years the Göteborg Book Fair 2020 cannot be arranged in physical form. Instead we welcome all to Book Fair Play, a new online streaming service for book lovers, free of charge.

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Information about Swedish literature

For even more talks and information about Swedish literature, we also recommend you to visit the Swedish Literature Exchange website, where they present three panel talks in English, as well as the latest issue of the publication New Swedish Books.

Seminars and talks

This year’s program is divided into the Bildung Hub and the Literature Festival. The focus falls on Swedish authors and this year’s Swedish publishing. Also participating from New York are, among others, Salman Rushdie, Jonathan Safran Foer and Jacqueline Woodson!

The program will receive an additional boost with digital dialogues produced by several well-known external organisers who normally participate with comprehensive programs at the Book Fair.

Book Fair Play

150 digital studio dialogues, led by well-knowing program leaders, will be streamed through Book Fair Play at

All in all, 440 authors, researchers, journalists and specialists will participate in the program.

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