Safety at the Book Fair

Updated 8 September 2023

Gothenburg Book Fair takes place at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre Gothia Towers, a venue hosting various types of events such as fairs, congresses, conferences as well as hotels and restaurants. The safety and well-being of our visitors, exhibitors, guests and staff are always our top priority.

Extensive experience
The venue has a strong history of qualifies security work and well-established procedures to handle different events and situations. We maintain a high state of preparedness, collaborate effectively with relevant authorities and are experienced in both preventive and management measures for large events. Security is robust, highly prioritised and can be effecitvely adjusted according to circumstances and needs. .

Robust security management
Regarding the Book Fair, comprehensive security planning takes place every year prior to the event. We plan security in collaboration with the Police, Swedish Security Service and other relevant authorities, implementing measures to enhance safety and security based on the current situation. We have extensive experience in hosting large, well-known public figures and handling various events and situations requiring varying levels of security.

Security situation in Sweden
In response to the Swedish Security Service’s decision to change the threat level to Sweden, we are implementing additional security measures for this year’s fair. These measures are not in response to any specific event or concrete threat but are intended to enhance security and ensure a safe and enjoyable environment during the fair days, where visitors, exhibitors and staff can indulge in literature and cultural experiences.

Enhanced measures for the Book Fair 2023:

Visitor searches in addition to bag checks
As standard practice, we conduct manual bag checks at the entrances to the Book Fair. For this year’s fair, we have decided to introduce visitor searches as an extra security measure. The searches will be conducted in a respectful and professional manner by trained staff. This may result in some additional waiting time at the entrance. We encourage you, as a visitor, to plan your visit accordingly and account for this if there’s a specific program you with to attend. We also encourage you to bring only the essentials to streamline the process.

Increased collaboration with authorities
The security management for the Book Fair is planned annually in collaboration with the Police and the Swedish Security Service. This collaboration is intensified this year du to the current situation.

Additional security staff and heightened vigilance
We are increasing the staffing of our security personnel and enhancing vigilance among the staff at our venue.

ID checks for exhibitors and media
For this year’s fair, we have decided to implement routine ID checks for both exhibitors and accredited journalists.

We warmly welcome you to the biggest book celebration of the year!

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