Guest countries and focal themes

Every year, a specific theme permeates the entire fair – a certain country or linguistic area, a region or a topical cultural issue.

Over the years we have focused on countries such as Brazil, the UK, the Netherlands and Flanders, Estonia, a whole continent; Africa, and countries with the same language such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland to mention a few. There is always a special focus on the Nordic countries. Every year we also offer a smaller scale theme presented as “Voices from…” In recent years we’ve presented Voices from Iceland, Catalonia, Ireland and Bangladesh. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know new authorships from different parts of the world and in addition a great possibility for buying and selling rights.

Participate as a Focal Theme or as “Voices from”

A Guest Country at the Göteborg Book Fair has the opportunity to participate in a larger or smaller scale in the aim of raising interest in its contemporary literature, writers, promote book exports in the Nordic Region, and vice versa. The larger scale is to be the Guest Country and Focal Theme at the Book Fair and the smaller scale is to participate as “Voices from …”.

Why participate?

  • Participation contributes to the establishment of international cultural relations and promotes cultural exchange, dialogue and tourism.
  • The Guest Country’s presentation is a magnet for audiences and a significant hook for the media in its coverage. 1,000 accredited journalists cover the Göteborg Book Fair each year, generating approximately 7,000 articles, TV and radio spots worth of SEK 250 million.
    It is the event with the largest media coverage in Scandinavia.
  • Introducing authors for readers and the general public, the Guest Country’s presence offers a new point of access to its literature and culture.

For more information, please contact Elin Hellströ

Recent Göteborg Book Fair themes

2001 Nordic Literature
2002 Finland, Journal02 (Cultural magazines)
2003 Poland, Popular science
2004 British Literature
2005 Lithuania
2006 Freedom of Expression
2007 Estonia
2008 Latvia
2009 Spain
2010 Africa
2011 Three countries – one language – Germany, Austria, Switzerland
2012 Nordic Literature
2013 Romania
2014 Brazil
2015 Hungary
2016 Freedom of Expression
2017 Bildung and Cultivation, Finland 100 years
2018 Respect, Images and Media Issues
2019 South Korea, Gender Equality and Media and Information Literacy
2020 Reading Promotion and Digital Culture