A Nordic meeting place

A unique opportunity to explore the market 26–28 September 2024

International Rights Centre (IRC) is a hub for agents and companies from across Europe. This is the largest market place for Nordic literature where companies and agents from numerous countries sell rights to the Nordic market.

This autumns business starts in Gothenburg. At IRC you will meet publishers and agents to find out which titles and trends are buzzing in Northern Europe.

Get inspired by the energy and enthusiasm in the Nordic publishing world’s annual declaration of love for words, thought and literature. Engage in an intense exchange with a sense of belonging and comfort. Gothenburg provides room for open minded dialogue and socialising, which stretches the event beyond a traditional industry trade fair.

New IRC – same professional hub

A new feature for the 2023 Book Fair is that IRC will have a new, more central location – closer to the publishers and the rest of the Book Fair’s offerings, while maintaining the calming professional environment we are known for. Our IRC exists to provide you with the right environment for important meetings: for increased focus, and for networking with colleagues and business partners from around the world – to promote Swedish literature globally and facilitate interesting foreign literature in Sweden.

The new location in Hall E on the ground floor makes it easy, convenient, and time-efficient for your visitors. The central placement ensures that more people will have the industry’s international trade top of mind. Additionally, it comes with a bonus: the area is adjacent to the Food and Crafts area and its new food court, offering a diverse selection within just a few steps.

Of course, we still have refreshments available inside the IRC itself!

In collaboration with the experts at the Swedish Exhibition Centre, we have designed a secluded area, with sound reducing walls. The area will accommodate 88 tables placed at a good distance from each other, as well as locked storage cabinets and bookshelves. Our staff will be present at the entrance and exit to ensure that only visitors with a booked time slot can enter. Last but not least, considering that a busy day at IRC is a very hectic one, we have arranged access to toilets in the vicinity of the area, exclusively for you and the kitchen staff, to avoid queues.

Note: There is still a few book shelves and display options available for booking.

For those new to the Book Fair’s IRC

The International Rights Centre, or IRC, is a hub and marketplace for literature for agents and publishers from all over Europe and other countries, such as the USA. IRC was launched at the Gothenburg Book Fair in the 1990s and is now a well-known stop in the “book business” yearly calendar – a professional, secluded meeting place adjacent to the Book Fair at large where translation rights, licenses, and film rights are negotiated, and books grow wings!

Exhibitors and meetings

Exhibitor lists are published on goteborg-bookfair.com. To ensure accuracy, updating your information in the online Exhibitor Service, USO is key. Please contact us if you would like to join one of the digital presentations we will be conducting from now until the Book Fair.

Note: all meetings should be booked separately and not through the Book Fair. All visitors to the IRC will be requested to provide details on their scheduled meeting, to make sure your work time is undisturbed.

Visiting Rights Centre

Rights Centre is open for visitors who have scheduled appointments with the agencies or publishers represented at Rights Centre. All you need is an ordinary entrance ticket for the Fair – no special registration is required.

Rights Centre opening hours:
Thursday 28 September:  08:00 – 18:00
Friday 29 September:        08:00 – 19:00
Saturday 30 September:   08.00 – 18:00

Should you wish to, the IRC is available for set-up and preparations on the Wednesday preceding the Book Fair.

Networking in the heart of the city

Rights Centre was established in the 1990s and has since grown in significance. The premises offer a secluded and comfortable spot for your meetings. The Fair’s placement in central Gothenburg ensures an experience that can continue beyond Rights Centre. In the evenings restaurants and bars in the vicinity will fill up with people from the industry.