Göteborg Book Fair Fellowship Program

For translators and publishers

The Swedish Arts Council and Göteborg Book Fair provide a fellowship program for translators from Swedish into other languages, as well as non-Nordic publishers and sub-agents interested in attending the Göteborg Book Fair.

The fellowship program 2019 took place from 25–28 September 2019. (The Book Fair was open 26–29 September 2019).

Foreign publishers and translators who are interested in publishing/working with Swedish literature of high quality can apply for this program, that is partly booked with lectures and meetings and partly open to individual programs.

The application to the fellowship program 2019 is closed.
For more information, please see The Swedish Arts Council website >>

The participants in the Göteborg Book Fair Fellowship 2019 >>

Said by previous participants:


“Before I came to the book fair, to me Sweden is only a country that has Astrid Lindgren och Pippi Longstocking, now I know Sweden has many other excellent authors who write books for children. The trip to Gothenburg widens my views and encourages me to become an excellent publisher/editor in the future.”

“It was my first time attending the Gothenburg fair and I got a new perspective of the Swedish book market, the trends, I found out about a lot of new authors which will be good for my publishing programme.“

“It was a very good complement to the usual Bologna and Frankfurt Book Fairs and enabled me to meet translators for upcoming potential acquisitions. “

“It was frankly amazing, and an incredible learning experience, from the seminar programme, to the lectures. To speak to a wide range of translators and agents from around the world was highly enriching, both professionally and personally.”

“In short, for me, and for Swedish literature, my participation in the Fellowship most certainly was important and worthwhile. I have rarely closed so many deals with such high advance sums in such a short period of time and I don’t think it would have been possible without me visiting the Gothenburg Book Fair.“

“It was very important. As a co-agent, I started new partnerships with Swedish publishers and agencies with whom I had not worked with before.”