Genetic Engineering, Ethics and Intelligence


Maria Gunther has a doctorate in particle physics and is a scientific journalist. In her book ‘Smart’, she examines how we look at intelligence and she gets to grips with the toxic issues linked with the subject: race, human dignity, sex, inheritance and environment. In her book ‘The Unnatural Selection of Our Species’, science writer Torill Kornfeldt discusses the consequences of progress in genetic engineering and what is waiting for us around the corner. Digital development specialist Sara Öhrvall’s book ‘Your Future Self’ is about the way that new technology is being integrated into our brains, bodies and behaviour. A conversation at the intersection between ethics, intelligence and genetic engineering. Presenter: Lars Mogensen, journalist.


Speakers: Maria Gunther-Axelsson, Torill KornfeldtSara Öhrvall.
Presenter: Lars Mogensen.


Organised by: Albert Bonniers Förlag, Natur & Kultur and Volante.