Theme Space at the Gothenburg Book Fair 2024

Space is unimaginably vast. Humans gazing up at the starry skies have always asked themselves questions about their own existence. Space has always served as a catalyst for fantasies, ideas and questions about who we are and what our place in the universe is. Space puts things into perspective.

Throughout the entire history of literature, there has been an interplay between art and science, between poetry and fiction; the possibilities have been endless. Nowadays, many of the inventions of fiction have become fact. Our societies depend on space technology in order to function. No satellite communication means no card payments, smartphones or goods shipments. Without satellites observing the planet Earth, we cannot forecast the weather or monitor emissions. Space research is one of the biggest areas of innovation and technological development, which also have applications on the surface of our planet.

Through its theme Space, the Gothenburg Book Fair invites big conversations about modern technology, the boundaries of imagination, and the history and future of our life form.

This theme is being organised in partnership with the Swedish National Space Agency.