Book Fair Play 2020 – How it works

In 2020 the Nordic region’s largest cultural event consists of digital studio talks that you take part in free of charge whenever and wherever you want. Sit in front of a live broadcast during four packed days, or watch afterwards – you do not have to choose but can take part in the entire program!

Surf to with your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

There you will find the program schedule and all broadcasts starting from 24 September. If you want, you can create a user profile under My pages. In logged-in mode you can mark program points in advance. No login is required to watch the live broadcasts. If you want to watch afterwards, you need to log in with your user profile.

Technical recommendations
For PC and Android we recommend Chrome as a browser and for Mac / iOS users Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Windows 10 users can also try Edge Chromium.
If you are unsure if your browser is up to date, you can go to: