South Korea - Guest of Honour

South Korea – Guest of Honour 2019

South Korea (The Republic of Korea) is the Guest of Honour and the theme country for the 2019 Book Fair. The country’s literature, publishing and culture will be presented through several of the foremost South Korean authors. Moreover, next year South Korea and Sweden will celebrate sixty years of diplomatic relations. The collaborative partners for this endeavour are the South Korean ministry of culture, the Korean Publishers Association, the Writers Association of Korea, and the Literature Translation Institute of Korea.

“We are happy about the cooperation with the Book Fair in Göteborg and the opportunity to present South Korean literature and culture to a Swedish audience. This book fair is the largest of its kind in the Nordic countries which celebrates reading and literature. It will take us on a fascinating intellectual adventure”, Mr Chul Ho Yoon, chairman of the Korean Publishers Association, says.

“We are presently working on selecting authors for next year’s program and preparing the translation of their work into Swedish. I truly look forward to introducing their stories next year,” Ms Kyung Ja Lee, chairwoman of the Writers Association of Korea, says.