Reading Promotion – Theme at the Göteborg Book Fair 2020

Since 2012, the number of children reading each day has decreased. Research shows that a vocabulary of 50,000 words is required to thoroughly understand a newspaper, which 17-year-old readers can manage. Without reading or listening to texts, 17 year olds have a vocabulary of 17,000 words.

The theme Reading Promotion sheds light on language and reading as cornerstones of democratic societies. It accentuates the desire to read while embracing all forms of reading: with your eyes, ears and fingers. The theme emphasises storytelling in text, picture and oral forms as well as reading aloud to children and the elderly – and to each other. Within this framework, visitors meet authors, readers, politicians, teachers and researchers who are committed to promoting reading and cultivation for the development of individuals and society.

The theme Reading Promotion is carried out together with the Reading Movement, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary and was launched at the Book Fair, as well as many other collaborative partners.