Gothenburg Book Fair Themes 2024

Every year since the founding of the Book Fair in 1985, special themes have been put in focus for the Fair’s programme. These are curated by the Book Fair’s editorial group, often in collaboration with organisations, authorities and publishers. This year the fair will have a special focus on two themes: Sápmi and Space. In addition, the Book Fair’s 40th anniversary celebration will leave its mark on this year’s fair floor.

Theme: Sápmi

Sámi literature has its roots in an oral storytelling tradition based on the traditional joik form of song. The point of departure for the Sápmi theme at the 2024 Gothenburg Book Fair is found in Sámi philosophy and conceptions of the world, and highlights issues such as fire management and the exploitation of forests in the name of climate adaptation, as well as threatened languages and reconciliation. Sámi literature is exciting and defies genre, while challenging the Nordic self-image.


The Sápmi theme is being organised in partnership with Tjállegoahte, as well as the Bágo Writers’ Association and Sámi Girječálliid Searvi, who are the 2024 Gothenburg Book Fair’s joint guests of honour.

Theme: Space

Space is unimaginably vast. Humans gazing up at the starry skies have always fantasised about what is up there and asked themselves questions about their own existence. Nowadays, our societies depend on space technology in order to function.


Through its Space theme, the Gothenburg Book Fair invites to big conversations about everything from technology and imagination, to the history of our life form as well as our future.


This theme is being organised in partnership with the Swedish National Space Agency.

40th anniversary

The Book Fair celebrates four decades of inspiring encounters, ground-breaking writing and transformative stories – all these moments that touched so many and so much. We open the doors for a cracking party and tribute to the Nordic region’s biggest cultural event!

We can already promise that there will be flashbacks, special guests, festivities and a programme inspired by 40 years of literary shimmer.