Dads, poetry and existence

How did everything begin? Where do we come from? Do we sometimes have to go away to find home? With Ingenting och allt (Nothing and Everything), the poet Naima Chahboun, together with the artist Magdalena Cavallin, has created a book for all ages that does not shy away from bewildering existential themes. Kärleken är att jag vill att du finns (Love is Wanting You to Be Here) is August Prize winner Oskar Kroon’s new book about dads who disappear, the mysteries of the universe and teenage love that overcomes everything. Graphic artist Anders Holmer has a new publication, Farväl (Farewell), a wordless story in images about powerlessness, fantasy, acceptance and reconciliation. Each has separately created three fine-tuned, singular universes, where children are taken seriously. Moderator: Jenny Tunedal, poet and literary critic.


Speakers: Naima ChahbounOskar KroonAnders Holmer.
Moderator: Jenny Tunedal.


Organised in collaboration with the authors’ Swedish publishers: Brombergs, Natur & Kultur and Rabén & Sjögren.