Epic Storytellers


Majgull Axelsson’s new novel, ‘Cancelled Trip to Sabarmati’, is about the search for identity and the self-doubt of parenthood. It deals with a mother who is not a mother and a daughter who is not a daughter. It also grapples with secrets, break ups and hostility towards strangers. Klas Östergren’s ‘Gentlemen’ published in 1980 became a modern Swedish classic, and the sequel, ‘Gangsters’, was released in 2005. The trilogy is now being brought to a close with ‘Renegades’, in which the first person narrator once again encounters the eccentric Henry Morgan, who is on a personal odyssey through Europe from Vienna north to Lapland to meet his son. Presenter: Karin Petterson, Cultural Editor for Aftonbladet.


Speakers: Majgull Axelsson, Klas Östergren.
Presenter: Karin Petterson.


Organised by: Norstedts and Polaris.