Books in the Grip of Horror


In his new novel ‘Nidamörkur’, Peter Fröberg Idling has united the stylistic heights of the literary novel with the capacity of the horror story to examine human and inhuman dark sides. Jack Werner has explored the ghost stories of our time in both a book and a podcast series, and this year saw the release of a revised new edition of his horror anthology ‘Creepypasta: Ghost Stories from the Internet’. Mats Strandberg and Jenny Jägerfeld ponder whether we can glimpse ourselves through the monsters of horror fiction: their novel ‘Monsters in Therapy’ takes its point of departure from a missing psychologist’s files on their therapy sessions. Presenter: Johanna Koljonen, journalist.


Speakers: Peter Fröberg Idling, Jenny Jägerfeld, Mats Strandberg, Jack Werner.
Presenter: Johanna Koljonen.


Organised by: B. Wahlströms, Natur & Kultur and Norstedts.