Justice – child’s play for the very youngest

In Pija Lindenbaum’s picture book Vitvivan och Gullsippan, (Lillybell and Bluevalley) two groups of children live side by side, but under completely different conditions. Until a child turns everything upside down! In Maria Jönsson’s picture book in accordion format, Nycklarna (The Keys), we meet Castor on one page and Nahid on the other. One takes care of empty houses, the other is looking for a home. Based on their books, Pija Lindenbaum and Maria Jönsson will converse with paediatrician and ALMA jury member Henry Ascher about children and justice. Do children have a natural sense of justice and democracy? What happens in that case when we get older? Moderator: Erik Titusson, publisher at Lilla Piratförlaget.


Speakers: Pija LindenbaumMaria JönssonHenry Ascher.
Moderator: Erik Titusson.


Organised in collaboration with the authors’ Swedish publisher: Lilla Piratförlaget.