The Swedish Nature Craze


Increasing numbers of Swedes are heading into nature to find space for contemplation. But where does this nature-focused spirituality come from? Is today’s digital society and the pressure to be constantly available at the root of our desire to be part of something bigger? In his book ‘People of the Pine Forest’, David Thurfjell describes the religious history of the Swedish love for nature. In ‘Closer to Nature’, Åsa and Mats Ottosson share research on the health benefits of nature. The trio will come together for a conversation about the craze for nature throughout the ages and how we find our existential footholds in the natural world. Presenter: David Fjäll, journalist.


Speakers: Åsa Ottosson, Mats Ottosson, David Thurfjell.
Presenter: David Fjäll.


Organised by: Bonnier Fakta and Norstedts.