One Life – Three Analyses


Philosopher Martin Hägglund’s book ‘This Life’ has taken the world by storm with its debate around issues of society. Based on the idea that even atheists possess and require a (secular) faith, he develops thoughts on humankind’s need for a more equal society. However, modern physics is also able to provide explanations for our innermost experiences, which is something that Ulf Danielsson, Professor of Theoretical Physics, explores in his book ‘The World Itself’. He argues that there is a difference between models and reality – the universe is not mathematics. Together with the cultural editor from Aftonbladet, Karin Pettersson, Danielsson and Hägglund will be in conversation about what exactly humans are and what shape a good society might take. Presenter: Johar Bendjelloul, journalist.


Speakers: Ulf Danielsson, Martin Hägglund, Karin Pettersson.
Presenter: Johar Bendjelloul.


Organised by: Fri tanke, Katalys and Volante.