Who Has Power Over the Female Body?


Hanna Nordenhök’s book ‘Caesaria’ engages with the disciplinary ideas and mechanisms of the nineteenth century, including male hubris and vulnerable children at the bottom of society, wallowing in dirt and wild visions. This is the dawn of modern gynaecology and obstetrics, and the female body is a dark landscape beneath the scalpel. Mian Lodalen’s novel, ‘Lisa and Lilly’, is based on the true story of two working class girls’ forbidden love. They saw no way out except to meet death while locked in embrace. A conversation about ownership of the female body, power and class, as well as basing novels on historical events. Presenter: Johanna Frändén, journalist.


Speakers: Mian Lodalen, Hanna Nordenhök.
Presenter: Johanna Frändén.


Organised by: Norstedts and Romanus & Selling.