Representation in picture books – mirrors and windows

What happens when you see a reflection of yourself in literature? And what happens when you never get to recognise yourself? Emily Joof (Det djupa blå) (The Deep Blue) writes children’s books with a focus on inclusion and diversity from an Afro-Swedish perspective. Daniel Paris (Edith, Alex och enhöringarna) (Edith, Alex and the Rhinoceroses) debuts as a children’s book author, hoping to broaden the offering of books where same-sex parents are portrayed. Elin Johansson (Gosedjursfesten and Ett rum till Lisen) (The Teddy Bear Party and A Room for Lisen) received widespread acclaim for her debut book, Veckan före barnbidraget (The Week Before Child Support), an honest depiction of everyday life in a family with strained finances. Moderator: Assia Dahir, journalist.


Speakers: Emily JoofDaniel ParisElin Johansson.
Moderator: Assia Dahir.


Organised in collaboration with the authors’ Swedish publishers: Bookmark and Rabén & Sjögren.