The Right of the Storyteller


There is an ongoing and sometimes inflamed debate about whether authors from privileged backgrounds can – or even have the right – to tell stories about the working classes or those of different ethnicities. What is a genuine storyteller’s voice, and how important is personal experience? At the same time, the downtrodden and oppressed still struggle to make their voices heard. The right of the storyteller is unevenly distributed. Does the fault lie in the literary system itself? Authors Arazo Arif, Aris Fioretos, Anneli Jordahl and Mara Lee will be in conversation about what storytelling can involve. Just what sort of right is it? Presenter: Parisa Amiri, journalist.


Speakers: Arazo Arif, Aris Fioretos, Anneli Jordahl, Mara Lee.
Presenter: Parisa Amiri.


Organised by: Swedish PEN.