Slow Crime – Bringing Suspense to Book Lovers


Three suspense writers come together in conversation about a popular genre sometimes referred to as ‘slow crime’. The focus is typically on well-developed, multi-dimensional characters; relationships are allowed to form and the environment and atmosphere are carefully depicted. Camilla Läckberg has just released her second novel about Faye, ‘Tears of Silver’, which is the sequel to ‘The Gilded Cage’. Following the success of ‘A Nearly Normal Family’, Mattias Edvardsson returns with ‘The House Next Door’. Rebecka Edgren Aldén’s ‘Deadline’ is a relationship thriller set in the offices of a glamorous lifestyle magazine where a game of life and death is being played. Presenter: Kattis Ahlström, journalist.


Speakers: Rebecka Edgren Aldén, Mattias Edvardsson, Camilla Läckberg.
Presenter: Kattis Ahlström.


Organised by: Forum and Norstedts.