Talking with the little ones about big things

The world today is riddled with disturbances, whether it be a pandemic, climate change or war. Even those who are too young to really understand sense the worry in society and the adult world. How are children affected by growing up in a restless time, and how do you talk with them about complex subjects? Can books be a help? Child psychologist Reyhaneh Ahangaran recently published Ska det kännas så här? (Must It Feel Like This?), Frida Berry Eklund is a specialist in climate communication and has written Prata med barn om klimatet (Talking With Children About Climate), and the journalist Martin Schibbye contributed to the book Så funkar krig och konflikter (How Wars and Conflicts Work) by Niki Walker, with reporting about young people all around the world. Moderator: Cecilia Düringer, journalist.


Speakers: Reyhaneh AhangaranFrida Berry EklundMartin Schibbye.
Moderator: Cecilia Düringer.


Organised in collaboration with the authors’ Swedish publishers: B. Wahlströms, Bonnier Carlsen and Natur & Kultur.