Ugly Girls


Someone at a high school in the small Swedish town of Gnesta starts up an Instagram account with the handle Ugly Girls. Popular and less popular girls alike have their photos posted, and a fear of standing out and becoming the next victim spreads through the school like wildfire. Tilde, Eleni and Jasmine are all in the same class but have barely spoken to each other – until fate, and their determination to uncover who is behind the account, brings them together. ‘Ugly Girls’ is the first book to emerge from a partnership between the YA authors Lisa Bjärbo, Johanna Lindbäck and Sara Ohlsson. A conversation about feminism, social media and writing together. Presenter: Jenny Aschenbrenner, journalist.


Speakers: Lisa Bjärbo, Johanna Lindbäck, Sara Ohlsson.
Presenter: Jenny Aschenbrenner.


Organised by: Gilla Böcker and Lilla Piratförlaget.