Where are Pippi’s heirs?

It is now over 75 years since Pippi Longstocking first expanded the norms for what a girl gets to be. In connection with last year’s anniversary, literary researcher Mia Österlund pondered Pippi’s heirs in a widely discussed article. Sara Ohlsson’s books about Frallan, Elin Ek’s Athena and Humlan Hansson (Bumblebee Hansson) by Kristina Sigunsdotter were discussed—all feature straightforward, free-speaking and wilful girls as main characters. Here they meet in a conversation about complex girl heroes and about the traces of the world’s strongest girl in today’s children’s literature. Moderator: Lotta Olsson, journalist.


Speakers: Mia ÖsterlundSara OhlssonElin EkKristina Sigunsdotter.
Moderator: Lotta Olsson.


Organised in collaboration with the authors’ Swedish publishers: Bonnier Carlsen, Lilla Piratförlaget and Natur & Kultur.