Greetings from Gothenburg Book Fair

Updated 23th April, 2020

Nearly six weeks have passed since the effects of the coronavirus came into full force in Sweden. Everyday life has been turned upside down – both for private individuals as well as for companies and public institutions.

This is true even for us at the Book Fair. Over the past six weeks, we have continued preparing for the Book Fair 2020 at the end of September, while maintaining the greatest respect possible for the prevailing circumstances. Our approach has been to keep on looking forward, while monitoring developments day by day.

At the same time, we have prepared so that if necessary, we will be able to modify our evaluation to adapt certain parts of the Fair in a prudent and responsible manner. The safety and health for visitors, exhibitors and authors is our top priority and we are naturally following the Swedish government’s decision and the authorities’ recommendations on the coronavirus.

Since no one knows how long this situation will continue, we have worked out alternatives to the normal Fair. We are now ready to present the main features of our Plan A and Plan B for the Book Fair this autumn. At the end of May at the latest, we will make a decision on our orientation towards which of the plans to continue with.

Plan A

  • The Book Fair is arranged during the planned dates 24 – 27 September roughly as normal.
  • The Book Fair and the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and Gothia Towers make several adjustments on location according to the recommendations of the Swedish public health authorities.
  • Digital platform to make parts of the Book Fair seminar program accessible to those who do not want or have the opportunity to visit the Book Fair as planned.
  • Technical solutions for international authors, and others, can participate through online links.
  • Financial relief for exhibitors to facilitate their participation at the Book Fair during this very strained time.


Plan B

  • The Book Fair is not cancelled. The Book Fair is adapted. We carry out parts of the Book Fair as planned, whilst altering others.
  • The Exhibition is cancelled. Exhibitors are encouraged to rebook their stands for 2021 but are also given the opportunity to receive their money back for the participation in the exhibition.
  • Parts of the Book Fair’s seminar program are carried out as planned but in a way that can reach out to a wider audience through digital platforms to no cost, but also, if possible, performed with a smaller paying audience. These events can be carried out with and/or without an audience or visitors physically attending.
  • Live broadcastings and recordings in collaboration with newspapers and television broadcasters.
  • 24–25 September focus education and libraries.
  • 26–27 September a program with focus on current releases, literature and literary talks.


More detailed information about the plans for the Book Fair 2020 (letter to Exhibitors) >>

If you are a visitor to the Book Fair and you have purchased an entrance ticket or seminar card for the Book Fair 2020 or are considering doing so your purchase will be valid for the Gothenburg Book Fair 2021 if the Book Fair 2020 should not be possible to arrange due to Covid-19. Alternatively, you can choose to get your money back. In the event of Plan B, we will get back with more information should there be an opportunity to buy tickets for the seminars and talks that we are arranging.

If you are an exhibitor and have questions about what applies to you and your booked stand, please contact our Sales and Exhibition staff. Contact details can be found here >>

The Book Fair staff have received many wonderful calls from those of you who are concerned about the existence and future of the Book Fair, we appreciate our dialogue! Together we create the Book Fair!

Take care of yourself and each other!

Warm greetings from the Gothenburg Book Fair Team

For information on how the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre and Gothia Towers work with health and safety measures, please visit >>


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